Systezmok is the fifth planet in the Velkoda System, after Lopszan, home to the Chyztrek.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Systezmok is habitable, but is a bit cold.


With a diameter of around 7000km and a density of around 5.3g/cm^3, Systezmok's gravity is nearly the same as Earth's. 


Systezmok has a year of 402 days, making it colder than earth on average. It has a day period of 21 hours, influxed by its larger moon, Byzroek, which has a mass of around 1/8th of Systezmok.


With a silicate crust and a small core, Systezmok has an average density. Its crust is rather thick, reaching down nearly 100km, giving way to a rather active mantle, then giving way to a core of iron and titanium only taking up around 1/5th of the total volume. Its atmosphere is made of 50% nitrogen, 35% oxygen, 9% carbon dioxide, 3% argon, and the other 3% as trace gases such as krypton and vapors. It has a rather thick ozone layer, which protects it from nearly all very harmful radiation.


Systezmok has a surface of 45% water, 18% land, and 47% ice. Almost all land has been colonized, but most colonies are eco-friendly. Ice colonies are also common, as the Chyztrek can take the lower extremes of temperature well. Its average surface temperature is aorund 5 degrees celcius, with the equator at around 13 degrees and the poles at around -65 degrees. This means that its animals must be adapted for cold temperatures.

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