A Synth

The Synth are a race of mechanical creatures native to Technox. They were originally created for guarding; however, they rebelled against their creators. Now they are the rulers of Technox.



Synth are somewhat humanoid; however, the heads are long and resemble those of Dinoterra's theropods. Instead of fingers, they have long twisted tentacles capable of manipulating their environment. Their eyes flash blue when they are speaking.

Power SourceEdit

Each Synth is battery-run, capable of running for two months before shutting down. When their batteries become weak, they return to their base for recharging.


Each tentacle is armed with a low-level laser beam capable of cutting through steel. The chest, however, holds the most powerful weapon. An opening in the chest can fire a wide beam of energy, which can vaporise organic enemies.

Technox and their larger vessels are armed with devices called "Annihilator Cannons". Objects and entities shot with these weapons cease to exist in the multiverse. It is unknown how this is possible; some speculate that this matter is transported to a place outside of Obeidon. However it operates, it is often considered to be their most terrifying weapon, as it ignores all forms of armor on board ships, and almost all force fields fail to block their beams.


Each Synth is composed of highly durable titanium alloys. However, this is not their most powerful defense. They are all coated with nanomachines that will repair even the most devastating wound. The only way to kill a Synth is to completely destroy the body, disabling the nanomachines.


The Synth were designed to be sapient, so that they could perform tasks regular machines could not.


Synth society is ruled by a being known as 1.0. Using radio signals, 1.0 can control every Synth on Technox.

All other Synth are workers, who perform tasks such as repairing parts of Technox and protecting it from intruders.


The Synth were originally programmed to protect Technox and the beings that created it. 1.0 was built to oversee these duties, but it deduced that the best way to protect Technox was to place all inhabitants in cryogenic suspension and take control of the ship itself. It is believed that even now, thousands of alien beings are kept hostage in cryogenic storage within the structure of Technox.

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