Swimmies are small pseudo-mammals native to the oceans of Arctos. They are common food items for many Arctosian lifeforms, and the invading Yraath have set into place special slave camps for the purpose of gathering the animals.


Swimmies are pseudo-mammals, resembling blue, four-eyed otters except for the abundance of tails, which serve as manipulatory tentacles. They typically grow to be around three feet long.

They breathe oxygen and are endothermic, but do not produce milk and are thus not mammals.


Smimmies feed exclusively on polar algae that grows on ice.


Surprisingly, Swimmies exhibit rather high intelligence for a creature of their niche, with intelligence roughly equivalent to a Terran crow or raven. A complicated pecking order exists amongst their herds.

Swimmies spend almost all of their time in the water, except for the summer in which they come ashore to mate.

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