Swampers are highly efficient predators of the hydroflier family. Individuals vary, but on average they are about two feet long. They grow throughout their lives.


At first glance, swampers resemble a featherless green falcon, and to some extent, that is just what they are. However, swampers lack a beak, instead having a long crocodile-like snout.


Swampers eat any small animals they can catch in the swamps. Like vultures, they will assemble en masse for carrion, such as a dead salagator.


Swampers generally live solitary lives, although the young may travel together for a time before finding their own territories. Neither male nor female is larger than the other; mating rights are determined by age. An old female often mates with multiple males. Similarly, an older male will mate with many different females. This ensures that only the animals capable of surviving a long period of time will reproduce.