Suchos is a hot, barren, tidally locked world in Viperius Galaxy. It is known for being home to the sapient Dragua.


Due to the fact that it orbits very close to the star Pyrophilus, Suchos is extremely hot, bleak and barren. Various seas of lava appear on the surface. The temperature of the planet is 1,099 degrees Celsius.


The biosphere of Suchos is long dead due to the planet being knocked towards Pyrophilus. However, the sapient Dragua have survived due to their added biomechanical protection, arcologies and controlled underground habitats. They are the last lifeforms on this planet.

Even then, the Dragua only live on the night side of the planet, where it is slightly cooler.


The atmosphere of Suchos has long since dissapeared due to the broken orbit and infernal temperatures.


This planet was inspired by a dream I had years ago. It involved a scorched Earth inhabited by four legged, crocodilian, dragon-like creatures that looked like blue versions of the forest dragons from Dragon's World: A Fantasy Made Real. The main difference to the dream is that the planet doesn't have rainforests or blue skies.

Sorry for the resemblance to Styhac, but the barren surface and lava seas were mandatory because the dream was set in the future, when the Sun was about to become a red giant.

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