The nexsero plant, where the poison naturally occurs

Succurrodenique is a poison found in the plant nexsero. It is extremely dangerous (and usually fatal) when it is ingested.


Succurrodenique is usually defined as a type of glycoalkaloid poison, or something similar.


Succurrodenique is nexsero's natural defense against herbivores. It can occur in any part of the plant but is concentrated in the flower.


Vigorous study of the poison has revealed that it interferes with the regular action of ATP and prevents its formation. This almost always leads to death in every case of high dosage.

Symptoms of a highly concentrated dose first appear after about six to fifteen minutes (depending on the species of the victim), and the victim is dead soon afterwards. Regurgitation and irregular heartbeat usually occur first, and dilation of the pupil and (in some cases) paralysis occur soon before death.

Sapient species who are poisoned also experience severe hallucinations. These hallucinations are of intense interest to toxicologists. This is because, although each victim does experience variations depending on their age/occupation/history/etc., each hallucination seems to have similarities not immediately obvious at first. Often, they feature individuals who were important to the victim---lost loved ones, previous affairs, and so on. And all of them appear to feature a dark figure who has usually been interpreted as the anthropomorphic manifestation of Death. At the current time this is believed to occur because the poison interferes with brain activity and the portion of the brain in which memory is stored, perhaps bringing back information about individuals important in the victim's life or amplifying the feeling of fear. This is an extremely speculative and controversial theory, and many scientists are probing deeper into the idea.

The Korodus is the only animal known that can safely ingest the poison.


Succurrodenique is most often used on Kaventro. As it is one of the only known weapons that can safely do away with a Terrortooth, the poison is often loaded into darts. In these cases it is mixed with other narcotic and hallucogenic drugs to have a quicker effect.

The poison is also used in other places as herbicides and pesticides. Sale of it is often banned, and even when it is sold, it is sold in limited quantities and used with an experienced supervisor at hand.

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