An ancient depiction of the Stymphalids, before they were exploited by the Daemons

Stymphalids are cykrons found in the decaying swamps of Lanka.


Stymphalids have long necks and legs. As part of their mechanical augumentation, their bones have been replaced with a blackmetal subsitute. They are covered with shining "scales" or "feathers." In reality these structures are actually weapons that can be launched with great force if neccessary.

They also have blueblades concealed in their wings.


Stymphalids eat meat, and preferably fresh meat. They often prey upon Praedicans.


The Stymphalids used to be an entirely organic race. Then Ravana and his Daemons came, who decimated the planet. Then, they captured the species and twisted their bodies into what became the first example of a cykron.

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