Walking with Aliens
Walking with Aliens


Pinguinus, Toothless100, Holbenilord, Styracosaurus Rider, possibly others

Walking with Aliens is a series of six stories, all designed to showcase the fauna of several alien worlds. They will be written in the form of a story, sort of, except about animals.

See the original Walking with Dinosaurs for details.


Although I created this page, anyone can contribute an episode. If interested, say so on the comments below this page. Episodes will be written on a sub-page.

Planet Featured Author Story
Aristotle Pinguinus Big Kane
Piasek Toothless100 Survival
Cthonia Holbenilord Blood Dawn
Kaventro Styracosaurus Rider Silent Hunter
Thanatos A Wikia Contributor Deadly Forest
Naarg YinYang564 The Vicious Sea

If no one else signs up, that's fine. I'll just do my own planets.

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