Jea opened the being's diary. Whoever had lived here had lived a long time ago, and she used the translator on the faded text. These creatures were not advanced enough to be contacted, but maybe they would one day. Well, the secrets of whoever had once lived in this hut would now be revealed...

Dear Diary,

I hear the song sometimes, from across the sea strip. I only hear it on nights when the moon is full and the rels are silent and the dirtlands can be seen from the shore. Then there is a melodious scream, and it begins. I have to listen really carefully. Mother says that it's the song of beasts that guard that place. Father says it's animals unlike any others. Maybe it's made by something like the little irkapuths that live in the tree outside. Irkapuths aren't like other creatures. They have little hands that can wrap around your finger and eyes that make them look like they understand you. Maybe they do.

Back to the song. It's deeper than the scream, and sounds sort of like the sound of the waves, or a cart moving above the cliffs. Nothing makes a sound when it happens. I listen quietely, wondering what it all means. Father said that Grandfather went to the dirtlands, he saw what made the song. They were large, and had big teeth, and was hidden under the ground. The irkapuths have big teeth, so it could be a digging one. The song, at its last couple of lines, turns into the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. The rhythmic tune goes high, and low, and makes clacks like stone on stone. It's beautiful. Maybe, one day, someone will find this and see if the song happens. I hope they do.

Mother is calling me down for tea. She says Father has been fishing. I better go now.


The other pages didn't hold much interest compared to that one. And Jea would make Aie's wish come true.


It was midnight. The moon was full and the rels were silent and the dirtlands could be seen from the shore.

Then there was a melodious scream, and it began, and Jea listened to it until the last couple of lines where the rhythmic tune went high, and low, and made clacks like stone on stone, and it was beautiful.

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