Nocturn destroys a starship. Anyone could add a Chapter of an order being doing something, as long as its an organic agent, or you own a Non organic agent of The Order. For example, killing a PUTT, for PUTT.

Chapter 1: NocturnEdit

Nocturn coordinated The Order, While Castus was on vacation on some distant planet outside Obiedon. Some Mykarian was attempting to send a War fleet to a Distant universe. The race they were attacking was under the Orders care, and they had been secretly nursing that civilization for millenia, " Our work must not be wasted, i shall go myself," Nocturn messaged all Order members.

The starship was being attacked By a swarm of Julth, the energy bursts left behind by the ship mostly distracting him. The Julth Overlord called them back, recognizing Nocturn from His meeting so long ago with Castus. Nocturn had driven the Julth out of that sector singlehandedly, albiet heavily Damaged.

A message was sent over every channel of the Mykarians, " Unauthorized interuniversal travel is detected, tests for authorization inconclusive, leave or be destroyed," The last part of the message was repeated a few times, and ignored. Nocturn descended upon the ship, tearing it apart. The ships fled into separate rifts scrambled across obiedon now. Mission accomplished.

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