The Odyssey of Claira
Avio vs Raptor


Pinguinus and Toothless100

The story of a young female from the Avio Kingdom, whose quest for freedom has since become legendary in Avio culture. Will she escape from her captors, the evil Raptor sapiens? Will she be digested by one of the deadly creatures of Dinoterra? Or will she make her way back home to her beloved family? Her fate is in the hands of Pinguinus and Toothless.

Chapter 1: CaptureEdit

The forests of Avio-Kingus were loud and raucous, but Claira didn't mind. In fact, she rather enjoyed their melodies.

While many Avios had chosen to live in the cities of their world, Claira and her family had rejected that lifestyle. In the cities, it was difficult to grow one's own food and be self-sufficient- and with Raptor sapiens attacks occuring every few days in the cities, there was no shortage of reasons to avoid urban areas.

Her family was composed of one mated pair, and their offspring- she had seven sibllings, all older than herself. She maintained close relations with all of them.

It was a good life she led.

After a few hours in the forests, Claira went back to her mother and father. However, on the way, she sensed that something was wrong. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, so she just kept walking. It hit her a few minutes later; the forest had gone quiet. That could only mean one thing; there were predators about.

Now desperate to get back to her family, she took to the air and flew, avoiding the trees with skill that she had honed over many years. Unfortunately, all this skill came to nothing.

A Raptor sapien leapt out at her from the trees. Its body smashed into hers, knocking her off balance and causing her to crash to the ground. The raptor on the other hand landed on its feet, and before she could get up, she was surrounded.

One Raptor lashed out at her, and she stepped back, straight into a basic net trap. The Raptors secured it, and they carried it off, deeper into the forest and, Claira assumed, to one of their cities. She tried slicing through the ropes, but they were tough, and she gave up this method of escape very quickly. She tried to lay down and rest, but the net and its movement were too uncomfortable.

She noticed, a split-second too late, a Raptor's hand coming towards her. Its claws carved red lines across one side of her face, and the force of the blow knocked her out.

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