What does a typical Buru meal taste like to a Skarg?


Sugle looked at his plate. The plate was full of exotic foods, all of which were Bururian. There was a hexasheep burger, a box of moss fries and a tub of bugcream to dip said fries in. He decided to eat his moss fries first, since the burger was still extremely hot.

The fries had a rather sweet taste, which was surprising for a vegetable. Each fry was also extremely crunchy due to the batter, and they only tasted better when Sugle decided to dip them in the bugcream. The cream had a soft texture, and a taste vaguely similar to rizzak legs. When the fries were finished, he shed a tear.

"I am not afraid to admit that I am sad about the fact that the box is now empty.", he said.

It was time to move on to the burger. The bread had a rather bland taste, but the spicy aroma made up for it. He was almost picking pieces out instead of eating the whole burger. The hexasheep was savory in flavor, and rather juicy.

"This meat tastes like paradise!", he said subconsciously. He then started to drool, and before long the massive burger was finished due to his eating habits. He gulped down a bottle of water to wash it down, but was upset to see that the burger was gone. He burst into tears, and had to be kindly escorted out by his assistants.

The End.

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