chapter oneEdit

G'thu reached into the furnace with a armored hand. he pulled the melting iron plant out and flattened it into a sheet. He was the largest being made of the worms. and he was the one in charge of making sheets for their ship. they named it the saviour one by a large boat. He handed it to a smaller one who imedioatly scuried away and reheated it so it could be hammered into the ships frame, "there must be no holes whatsoever!" hissed the mother who was whatching from a huge cavern. It was a serene language consisting of what seemed to be an orchestra of string instruments. The ship was almost done, and she marvelled at leaving the god forsaken planet. In another wing weapons were being made. A large cannon like thing was brought to G'thu who was made to fasten it to his body. they ventured out of the hive, "dune shifter is heading towards hive " said the smaller one who had brought the arm cannon. a scrating sound was heard and a wave of sand rushed up. the small one imediatly burrowed back underground, but G'thu stayed his ground. he fired the cannon at he creature and a ball of molten lava flew at the creature the air caused it to become become pointed before it hardened and pierced into the creatures heart ,as it was still burning hot, like a knife through warm butter. It fell to the ground shuddering the whole area. the other worms came out and started to ravage the whole beast devouring it from the inside out untill not evan a bone was left. they returned to their work at double pace and they would finish the ship by the next day.

how did you like that people! i know it is really short and lacks a couple details and grammar ((the one with the small worm beast, is intentional.)) but i think it is a good first go.

chapter 2 the launchEdit

finaly the ship was finished and fitted with all sorts of weapons and an armory. the worms grouped together into the ship leaving only one mother egg and some guards. the mother had given birth to thousands of worms and it was just as they planned they made a powerful enoguh field to launch into space and rip through space. once tey came out they saw a flesh thief space ship.

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