The Lanrao Strike back. This stroy takes place in the good olde days when the Arawn ruled everything.

Chapter 1: Edit

"Ready, Aim, Loose!" The Arawn captain shouted. The light artillery fired off several rounds before halting to cool, "COVER!" The captain shouted. The artillery was hauled into a bunker as a ships hull crashed into the planet. It was a forge world, owned by a rich baron who couldn't care less if they lost it. It was just him, his team, and a few cruisers in orbit. The Lanrao knew how incredibly important the forge world was to them. If the God King caught wind the Baron would certainly be stripped of rank.

They had hauled the artillery back outside when he heard a slight humming. There was a blur as one of his men fell dead. He drew his railpistol when explosions began to pepper the landscape. He turned on his eyepeice and aim enhancers, and spotted one of the avian attackers. He fired a shot into the annoyance and it fell dead, the rail detonating behind it leaving a shrivled crater. He made a clacking noise, likely laughter. Then he heard a louder hum, and a sharp pain in his throat, he dropped the pistol, as he was lifted off the ground on the long neutronium monoblade. He tried to activate his emergency medical systems, but another hum and his hands were cut. Blood spewed from his limbs,"For The Emperor..." He wheezed. With an eerie silence the blade cut through his armor and split his skull, he fell dead, split open like a log.

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