A non-canon story written by User:Orangutans99 and User:Yuy168 for no apparent reason about Maeve's brave and weird adventures throughout Obeidon with his loyal companions.

Authors' NotesEdit

1. We want to make Holben laugh, but instead, we're going to fail because we're not funny.


I am Maeve, God-King of the Arawn, destroyer of the Lanrao of Rory*. This is my powerful spaceship, Balor. Fabulous powers were bestowed upon me the day I held aloft my great railgun and said, "By the Power of Wikia!"

Holben, Holben... I have the power!

Balor became the mighty Styracosaurus Rider and I became the great Holbenilord. Only three others know our secret... our friends Pinguinus, the sorcerer of books, Eotyrannus, the wizard of randomness, and Jogorian, the warrior of America. Together, we defend the Multiverses Wiki from the evil forces of InfiniteCreator.


*Rory is a random name we decided upon for the leader of the Lanrao for some reason

Episode 1: The Neutronium Ray of RadEdit

A parody of the episode the Diamond Ray of Dissapearance.


This is a fan-based parody.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is owned by Lou Scheimer, Gwen Wetzler, Filmation Associates, and Mattel, and is licensed by Group W. Productions. 

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