After the BeginingEdit

The Multiverse had been created and the supreme creatorwas alone in a world about to burst with life. But he was alone and he created other "Gods."

Their names were Rake, Losk, Tipak, Terim, and Scratch. They acted as governers of the worlds. Eventually the supreme creator saw TErim making a creation with a purposefully amusing feature, "REMOVE IT!!!" He said offended by this. The supreme creator was drunk on power and when the other god refused he attempted to strike him down. The other gods intervened. Tipak stopped the Cretor and attempted to reason with him. They began to argue and destroyed each others creations. Rake stepped in and tried to side with Tipak and Terim but their combined powers weren't enough. Scratch attempted to reach a compromise but all were struck down in an epic battle. the gods had been split into different races and everything branched from there.

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