Peaceable Kingdom
Surrounded by something


Styracosaurus Rider

Peaceable Kingdom is a piece of fiction by Styracosaurus Rider, featuring the Archimedeans.

I expect the majority of the story to go up after Awakening. There's a reason for this :)

The chapters will be relatively short.

Please note: This story contains some military figures, and so naturally there is swearing in it. Proceed with caution.

Chapter 1Edit

Talk of a peaceable kingdom
Talk of a time without fear
The ones we wish would listen
Are never going to hear

Kaptaken Mei Zenos looked around at the city. It was a normal day, and pretty quiet. Actually, it was quite a perfect day.

Today was the holiday of Krassachkt, the day in Archimedean myths when a great king founded the civilization. Everybody enjoyed this day. It was even sunny, as the first Krassachkt was traditionally.

Still, he could not think that something seemed peculiar.

The island, Gosanan, had been perfect for a number of years now. The Daemons had not bothered to come to this place. And nobody here had bothered to go and fight them. Others of other countries did. Nobody fought, and nobody was afraid.

Kaptaken couldn't put a finger on it. There was no war, no fear. It seemed wrong----but then he thought about it, and it seemed right.

Like he already knew about it, and that it had always been this way.


The explosion slightly rattled General Xaenosen's bunker, but he paid no attention. The bloody Daemons were always trying to blow this part of Archimedes to kingdom come, but only because it was closest to the Dimensional Rift.

"What is it?" Xaenosen barked, as a trooper appeared at the doorway.

"The colonel said that because the Daemons are still coming through, we need more reinforcements."

"He said that 5 minutes ago."

"Well, he's saying it again."

Xaenosen cursed under his breath, and said, "Fine. I'll see what I can do."

The trooper left. The general pulled out a map of Archimedes and started looking. There was one particular country that caught his eye.

Its name was Gosanan.

Chapter 2Edit

Kaptaken walked over to the city center. A celebration was being planned for the city, with a secret gift.

To be continued

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