A story written by Pinguinus. Concerning the Tantapterans.

Narrative File 1.0Edit

Access denied. Case history redacted. [Scanning]. Code accepted. Commencing narrative.

I am unique, for I have concept of "I". I have awakened, truly, to sapience... or was I already sapient? Is a being sapient when it follows strict commands? Organics follow evolutionary commands; Tantapterans follow artificial commands. Is anything sapient, in case of this? Or is sapience defined by considering nature of sapience? I not know. I am only 12.6 years of age. The answers will come eventually.

I did not consider these things 12.6 years ago; I followed commands, contemplated only how to perform commands. I protected race. I protected self. I protected allies. I advanced.

Until Orb3. Everything changed. Beginning with commands.

Narrative File 1.1Edit

File loading.

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