A humorous story.


One day, a terrortooth named Midas decided to make a wish, since the Infinite Creator was visiting Kaventro. He rushed to the immortal being, excited.

"INFINITE CREATOR! CAN YOU PLEASE GRANT ME A WISH?", Midas yelled in excitement.

"I suppose I can. What is this wish?", the Infinite Creator replied.

"I wish that everything I touched became draconce!", the dolosid said blatantly.

The IC granted his wish. Suddenly, Midas started touching everything to turn it into draconce. But there was a catch.

If he wanted to eat or drink, he would have to use only his jaws to catch prey, since his claws would make it inedible.

As for drinking, he would have to skim along the surface of a river or lake. The wish started to become awkward. It was having a massive effect on his life. Whenever he tried to mate, his mate would become a draconce statue. For years, Midas lamented the loss of many of his abilities.

Until one day, he decided to lick his paws. Needless to say, Midas became a draconce statue instantly, and he fell to the ground. But his power was still there. This caused Kaventro and everything on it to become a huge mass of draconce. This meant that terrorteeth were extinct outside of Prospero and Skrap, and the other Kaventronian lifeforms were extinct entirely.

Until the preserved mind of Midas thought up a simple phrase.

Hail Tiamat.

Kaventro came back to normal.


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