Long, long ago, in the beginning, it is said that there was only empty, endless space, and therein dwelt the Supreme Creator. Nothing else existed at this time, all was silence and there was a great peace.

Then it was that the Supreme Creator had a great vision. In this vision he saw the endless space around him filled with stars, and he saw the countless universes, galaxies, and planets. On the planets he saw mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, and forests. He saw the trees, flowers, rocks, and grasses, and the crawling, walking, swimming, and flying beings. He saw the birth of things, their growth and death, and other things that seemed to live forever. Then he heard songs, stories, laughs and cries. The Supreme Creator touched the wind and the rain, felt love and hate, courage and fear, happiness and sorrow. Then the vision passed, and it was gone.

The Supreme Creator had seen that which was unknown, and he thought deeply upon all that he had seen in his vision. He came to understand that the vision would come into being. When there was nothing around him but empty space, his mind saw nothing and so nothing was created.

Now, through thought, thinking in his mind of the vision, it started to happen…

That is how the multiverse was born.

At the beginning, something happened. It would influence everything that would ever happen. And it made people see what could happen.

Maybe what should have happened.

It was soon that the Serpent coiled his tail and balanced the space around him. The shining blue stars fell into the world.

And the rest is lost to time.

Yet there is something unknown to all those that live. Something has connected us all. It still does, to this very day. And it will continue to do so, until chaos consumes the multiverse and all ceases to exist.

But maybe, just, maybe, it will last forever.

Look for the eternal star encased in a crystal sphere.

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  • First section derived and adapted from a Native American myth, translated into its present form by Hitakonanu'laxk (Tree Beard) in The Grandfathers Speak.

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