Noche de luna llena - Full moon night

The story of the origin of the greatest assassin ever.

This is a work of fiction by Haddashal featuring Gamaliel and his beginnings as an assassin. THIS WORK OF FICTION IS ON HIATUS. It is a companion story to The Sons of War.

Chapter One - TreasonEdit

"Are you ready?" the captain's voice rang over the communication device clearly.

Gamaliel ran the thought over in his mind. Was he ready? Ready to die?

"Of course I'm ready" he responded curtly. He was ready to get out of his cramped position at any rate.

The airy clouds overhead gave way to a starship, standing black and sinister against the sky.

Gamaliel vaulted himself over the ledge where he was positioned and raced for the abandoned transport vehicle. Pulling himself inside he located the activation switch and charged forward. Laserfire crossed the air all around him, and for a single terrifying second he thought himself abandoned by his comrades. Then an air shaking boom sang out from the hulking ship above and the laserfire ceased. Gamaliel steered the vehicle down the rugged terrain for nearly a mile before bringing it to a halt at a steep bluff. He launched himself out and advanced to the edge of the cliff. The sounds of pursuit were clear behind him as he dropped from the precipice. Several large canine creatures came pounding up over the cliff after him.

Damn. He thought. BloodHounds. As his body fell through the light mist that covered the side of the cliff he clumsily unholstered his weapon and took aim at the beasts in the air above him. Blooam.

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