Gyxor Muzgal location

The purple area indicates the location of Muzgal.

Creation of Muzgal is the first story of the Astin. The story follows Gumip-Wulbi'ignzo(pronounced: Gumip-Wulbignignzo, founder of Mugnal), his general Nrazim-Ur'zaarts(pronounced: Nrazim-Uruzaarts)and captain Hinami-Fri'ichrix(prronounced: Hinami-Friuichrix).


As i stood on the newbuilt walls of our city Yhrut'Vas nuzol, i gazed to the furthest spot i could see. Some Tigrim mines were theren but they were owned by the Lumka-tribe. We have been preparing for 3 weeks to attack the mines and conquer the tribe, the chance we fail is slim. Hinami walked to me and said: "My lord, Nrazim ordered me to inform you that the last preparations are finished." I turned my head to her and said: "Very well, i shall prepare myself for battle."

Chapter 1: The first addition to the tribe.Edit

We watched our enemys from the bushes and waited for the right moment to attack. My men knew my order, dissarm the enemy and capture them. One of our slingers threw a stone of the other side of the mine to distract some guards. They fell for it and our men moved out. "What? We are under at- argh..." A guard tried to warn the others but Hinami silenced him by punching him in the stomach. Our archers were targeting the Lumka-troops in case the battle would get serious. The guards started to return, according to the plan our men hid themselves between the piles of Tigrim, they ambushed the guards and knocked them unconscious. These were the last off the guards. "My lord, it seems the fighting has stopped." Nrazim said. I walked to the entrance of the mine and shouted that the workers have to come out immediatly. They did as i said and surrendered, i gave them the option to join us, they agreed and we escorted them to our city.

Chapter 2: The defeat of the Lemka-tribe.Edit

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