This story is mostly about the Abominations and the Klutsi Alliance. Their way of life, their way of thinking, their military and their secrets..

Also, a complot is being set in motion that could afflict the events of the coming wars...

Info about the storyEdit


  • The Archangel
  • Makan(Abomination)
  • Ivotakh(Abomination)
  • Balyak(Abomination)
  • Folokich(Abomination)
  • Tri-tri-vok(Trimch)
  • Argrak(Friest)
  • (Skrulks)
  • (Skaar)
  • More characters to come...





Prologue: Radio SilenceEdit

In a dark room where only vague shapes of bodies are visible around a circle-like table which is projecting a hologram of the Obscura Galaxy. The only visible way out is a window gazing at a planet with a molten blue-like surface...

"...-After numerous attempts it was proven futile to reach the colony of Ghamtargh. We have yet to dispatch Friests to scout out ahead, once they're done we will investigate personally." A shape said with a calming voice. "Do we have any idea of what happened? It could be those Dwellers taking revenge!" Another shape said, this one had more anger in it's voice. "Nay, the Dwellers would first like to heal from their injuries. but they're different now, they've already made colonies outside Lok'ixo in fear of the coming wars." A third shape said, this one had a charismatic tune.

"But which species could've attacked us then!? We're trying to counter something which we don't even know what it is! How do you possibly plan to do this!?" The angry voice said. "As our collegue said. We'll send some Friests first to investigate and scout, afterwards we'll prepare for battle and kill our enemies." The charismatic voice said. "Now, now. No need to begin to argue my bretherns. I've said it before, in order to complete our goals we mustn't fight each other." The calming voice said.

"Sorry, but in preparations of a Great War, i'd like to see all go well for once..." The angry voice said. "Don't worry. Our time shall soon come, none will know what would hit them. And in the end we would rise as the victor." The charismatic voice said. "Humph, you forgot about the Verplaatsen. They're not something to be messed with. We've witnessed their power in the Old Days. They need only a few days or hours in war-state to destroy a whole empire." The calm voice said.

"True, but we musnt't forget about 'it'..." The angry voice said. The two other voices hummed shortly as a sign they agreed...

Chapter 1: The Friest dispatchedEdit

Chapter 2:Edit

Chapter 3:Edit

Chapter 4:Edit

Chapter 5:Edit

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Chapter 7:Edit

Chapter 8:Edit

Chapter 9:Edit

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Chapter 12:Edit

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