A one-shot about an Victorian-era-equivalent Urahob's collection of dangerous animals, and the fate he suffered. WARNING: If you're squeamish, or about to go to bed, you may want to save this till later.


Alere, owner of Alere and Caev (a company selling fabric through slave labour), strolled through his collection. He had the largest collection of animals in the whole of Ageriul, each one different and each one sure to impress his superiors. There was an alhturel, and a robeka, and even an eht... Today, though, he'd recieved one of the most impressive beasts of all.

The almighty alhtuputh.

He walked past an alhturel, that was sitting in its cage, devouring the corpse of a brilla it had recieved. It had learned it was perfectly safe on the ground, and was likely to hit its head often if it stayed in permanent flight. The cage, even if it was the largest of its time, wasn't a very good one. It had cost lives to retrieve it from the creed-plains, but his large amounts of money had paid that off.

As he walked, the sounds of the alhtuputh became clearer. They were much less deep than he had expected, and as it came into vision, it looked much more brutish. Luckily, it was behind 7-centimetre thick, solid iron bars.

It has a reddish-brown skull, with deep blue antennae that had a vibrant orange core. Its wings were short and rounded, and its jaws had a visible bulge at the back from all of the muscles needed to bite with a force like it had. It turned to face its new master.

The master didn't expect the lion to turn on it.

With a mighty crash, it slammed into the cage, making small but visible dents each time it pounded on the walls with its claws. It headbutted the edge repeatedly, and then sprayed a boiling, volatile liquid from its jaws. Alere screamed in pain. Then the alhtuputh caught the bars in its jaws, and bit through them.

It bit through solid iron bars like they were twigs.

As it tore through the iron, guards arrived with powerful guns, like a cross between a crossbow and a musket. As they shot it, though, it had virtually no effect apart from raising its bloodlust. One by one, the guards fled, until only the most loyal remained. As the alhtuputh smashed through, though, they were swatted like flies and impaled by the beast's wing claws, or torn in half by its jaws after having their legs crushed by its feet, or trampled into a thick red paste. It turned to its disabled captor on the floor.

Alere's eyes widened as it almost tenderly picked him up in its jaws.

Then it bit down, and two pieces of the alhtuputh's captor fell as it swallowed the middle half and took off.

Few can withstand the might of the greatest predator of the nithlands.

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