By the end of this sentence, you shall know that Holbenilord wrote this story.


I haven't seen my body in... a very long time. I'm starting to doubt if it ever existed. Sure, it feels like there's something on the other side, and it hurts, but it's probably not real.

Every half a minute or so- here it comes now- I feel a very painful sensation in my neck. How to describe it... like fire? But also ice? Like sandpaper rubbing against you furiously? And I feel my spine give slightly, and something hard then hits it.

Yeah. I've tried to guess, to. If I could remember how I got here, it might make more sense.

Maybe it's like a needle that drips acid? Or something? I don't know. My neck isn't broken yet, which I would have expected. I can feel the motion of the thing all around me, though, like something is swirling around and I'm inside it. Quite comforting.

Ah, here it is again. It hurts a lot. I believe I used to scream, but it's just got a bit repetitive. I almost don't feel it now.

It stops me sleeping, though. Or thinking about anything for too long. My train of thought breaks off whenever it happens.

It's kind of wet and moist, wherever my head is. I can't move much, but if I lean forwards something really damp sometimes brushes the top of my head. Weird, I know.

The air's quite stifling and hot, I remember noticing. I don't really see it now. Though it's like there's an outpouring of air every cycle, and an inpouring halfway through each. Yeah, the cycles of the needle-spike-thing.

I can waggle my hands, but my arms seem to be pushed back as far as they can go, so I can't really do much with them. When I put them forwards, I can feel something rough, hard, almost scaly. It's really odd.

But I've learnt something here. Whenever you feel like surrendering, just giving up, you can always bring yourself back to sense. Just say these words.

Hail Tiamat.

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