What is hope? Is isolation truly a bad thing? Can computers cry? And can something evil bring something noble and true into the world?

Pinguinus endeavors to answer these questions and more in this gripping tale of hope and despair, love and betrayal.

This tale will sadly not be completed for quite a while, as it is epic and will take time to construct. But know this, users: you will never see the wiki the same way again.

I know I won't.

Chapter 1: DavEdit

Drifting soundlessly along the outer edge of the Viperius Galaxy was a small, perhaps insignificant starship. It was not a thing to be admired, or loved, and probably wasn't particularly spaceworthy after the latest turn of events.

But it was a home to whomever had survived.

Hidden within this machine, scurrying through the corridors, was a Salsene. He was not a prime specimen; he was small, and fragile, having sustained a number of injuries during the recent conflict.

His name was Davlan Fewir, though he thought of himself as merely "Dav".

He cursed silently as his welding laser flickered. The repair work on the engine was already a difficult job, made worse by the lack of functional tools. An engineer needed tools, krag it, not flickering lightshows. In his search through the corridors, he had found nothing of use, not even an old-fashioned screwdriver.

This was hopeless. The EMP had fried everything, he'd never get it functional. His best bet was to send out a distress beacon and hope the Supreme Creator was a just god. Groaning with the effort, he began to walk towards the communications chamber. The last time he had been down these corridors, he had been running, firing his pistol behind him as he fled for dear life.

But that was over now; the aliens had left. He was alone. Or so he hoped.

He came to the communications room, and, finding the automatic doors broken, he resorted to using a crow bar to pry it open. Inside was a mess; broken electronic covered the floor, the blood and guts of at least five species, not including the attackers, showed vividly against the grey floor. This must have been the crew's last stand.

Surprisingly, however, there was more noise than the sporadic sparks of shattered radio devices; there was a gentle weeping.

Hidden in a corner, where she wouldn't be noticed, was a girl.

Chapter 2: TrenaEdit

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