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The Big BadEdit

Today I woke up early to go hunting with Kol.

He reached for the rifle.

Every day this was the routine, I got up, Kol got ready.

First I stepped outside and put the magni-device to my eyes.

"Let it rip," I said pointing out a small wild gecka.

Each bullet sounded like a large bubble popping.

Every gecka we saw was torn to peices by the impacts.

"Tis been a good hunting day," Kol said.

"Only when we catch-"

"Frag!" Kol dived down and was torn to peices by shrapnel, I ran back inside and activated the security system.

Very powerful sheilds encircled the building and turrets repelled the invaders.

Of masonic orgin.

I gazed out the window, struggling against my restraints.

Death to Tiamat.

Soliarus be my guide.

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