Stormia is a planet in the Emenata universe. It is a huge planet, twice the size of Earth and with water covering 80% of the surface. As the name suggests, huge storms are all over the planet, strong enough to tear a kauri tree up from the roots. Volcanic eruptions also happen often, and most of these are supervolcanoes. Ice storms rage during winter, and sandstorms rage during summer. Earthquakes happen everyday, and plate tectonics are crazy, land moves 10 meters a year. Magma, sand and ice are poured into the huge ocean, causing them to become acidic. The oceans are also very salty.


Stormia is a harsh landscape, and very little plant life exists. The ones that do are small, and resemble bushes. Animal life also finds the place harsh, and nothing is bigger than a racoon. Most animal life exists in the acidic ocean, living around hydrothermal vents and in tide pools. On land, only a few small animals exist, resembling scorpions and worms, with one looking like a Lycaenops, known as the fanged fiend.

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