The Storapede

Storapedes are creatures native to Skogland.


Storapedes can reach a massive 80 metres long, though 55-60 is more common, and weigh up to 300 tonnes. It can only support its own body weight because of the lower gravity on Skogland.

Though they are gentle by nature, Storapedes are extremely dangerous due to their large natural armoury. Their eyes are protected by bony plates, and a row of small spikes run the length of most of the spine. Its two largest spikes are on its shoulder, and angle outwards and forwards. These can be used to impale large enemies. There is also a long, relatively thin spike pointing outwards from between each limb. The skin of the Storapede is toughened to avoid wearing away when their legs rub against the spikes.

Its most deadly weapon is its tail. Being the most mobile, it has the largest range and can be completely controlled by the Storapede. The tip, which is a spike, is coloured dark red to warn off attackers.

The Storapede retains some vaguely insectoid features, possibly from its ancestors. Its body is segmented, though not as noticeably as in most insects. Unlike most other non-insectoid creatures, it also has more than two pairs of legs - five, in fact. They are all tipped with four blunt-ended claws.


Storapedes are completely herbivorous. They browse on all forms of trees and grasses, but never venture deep into the forests, as they are too large. Instead, they stay to the clearings around the planet. The clearings are almost always around the seas, so the Storapedes always have a supply of water as well.


Despite their size, Storapedes live in groups for safety. There are between 5 and 10 in a group, and they look after each other, having even come up with a basic communication system.

Storapedes mate in Autumn, and have a live baby the next spring. Because Storapedes are so large, the father will catch it on the end of his tail (the section without spikes) and lower it to the ground. Twins and triplets happen occasionally, and the pair communicate so the father knows to wait the second and third babies.


Storapedes are too large to venture into Skogland's tropical forests. Instead, they stay near the sea they were born at. They browse on the reachable trees and grasses, and drink from the sea. It is the perfect habitat in almost every way, as it also gives their main predators, Magtarexes, few ambush spots, if any.

Some Storapedes have been cloned by the Virgo Wildlife Preservation society, and now live on Prospero. This way, they survived the cataclysm that killed off Skogland's other creatures.


  • Though I didn't realise it at first, these are the largest creatures so far in the Multiverses!

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