Stoneclodders are huge mammals native to the Northern Reaches of Wazel. Imperial Lepta is currently using these animals as weapons of war.

Physiology and Natural WeaponryEdit

Stoneclodders are massive herbivores, often standing about thirty feet tall. They can weigh up to sixty tons. Each individual is covered in thick armor made of solid bone; arrows and swords cannot penetrate this armor. The belly is just as armored as any other part of the body. The only way to kill one of them is to poison it or stab it in one of it's eyes.

These animals have collosal heads, making up about a fourth of their bodies. Each head has two long, prehensile tentacles. In the wild, they use these to pick up various plants. However, they make for impressive weapons in battle. The cells at the base of the tentacles are stem cells, and thus, if a tentacle is chopped off, the animal can regrow the organ in a week or so.

Not only this, but Stoneclodders have six-foot spikes on their heads and necks. In battle, they can ram these spikes into tower walls, causing significant damage.

And to further make these animals the perfect weapons of war, each speciment is equipped with a long tail, with a mace-like club at the end of it.


In the wild, Stoneclodders are gentle herbivores, their impressive weaponry used only for self-defense (although all animals large enough to hurt them are long extinct.) However, if trained from birth, they can become vicious creatures, intensely loyal to a single rider.


It is believed by naturalists that Stoneclodders evolved their powerful weaponry to combat their only predator, the Kraven.

For thousands of years, Stoneclodders lived peacefully in the montane forests of north-east Wazel. However, they were discovered by Imperial Lepta. After many years of training, they succeeded in training several hundred war Clodders. They are now deploying these creatures in terrain occupied by their enemies, at various times the High Order of the Nivalis and the Leseaw Empire.

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