Sosz is a THI planet in the Viperius Galaxy System. Large ruined cities cover a large portion of it's surface.
Ruined city w

One of the ruined cities covering the surface


Sosz's radius is 0.91 times Earth's radius, and it has a mass that is 45% of Earth's.


This planet's orbital period is around 223 days, and it takes 26,4 hours to rotate fully. Its axial tilt is 9.4° and stable, due to its moon.


Sosz's surface is 52% water, with small pockets of ice. Large cities cover 56% of all landmass. The surface has an average temperature of 21°.


Sosz has one moon that also has several ruined cities and spaceports covering it's surface.

Scans reveal large metalic debris between the meteor belt, aside from the metal crusted meteors large chunks were found suggesting that there were many space stations here.


Sosz once inhabited some species but to this day there are only some pioneer teams and research camps trying to discovere what happened to the previous inhabitants.


A secret organisation has claimed the planet theirs but allow many neutral and friendly species to settle in the ancient cities.

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