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The Sobek are a race of reptilian sapients. They were allied with the Veiled Ones during the Julth War.



The Sobek resemble humanoid crocodiles, often with pointed ears. Their skin is light green in color.



The Sobek have a compicated culture, often engaging in ceremonies honoring Caymon, the first Sobek according to Sobek mythology.

Sobek are normally kind and caring creatures, although individuals that are violent and sadistic are not particularly rare.

Those who commit crimes are exiled to other universes, deprived of all technology. They are usually marooned on unpopulated worlds.


The ruler of the Sobek is called a Warlord. The Warlord has a large number of officials called Prefects, who oversee day-to-day affairs.


The Sobek do not actually worship any being, but they do honor Caymon, supposedly the first Sobek who freed their homeworld from a race of evil beings.


The Sobek are highly advanced, Technological Class XII.


Sobek starships are incredibly large and powerful; their large motherships are as large as a small planet. Their starships are shaped somewhat like giant shark-like creatures.
Sobek shark

A smaller Sobek starship


The Sobek frequently use laser weapons more powerful than Hellbeams. Although they mainly use energy weapons, some kinetic weaponry is used, namely anti-matter missiles accelerated to near light speed.

Infantry units carry automatic laser weapons called "razers".


Most Sobek wear armor made out of highly resistant metallic alloys. The Warlord wears armor made out of Neutronium-metal.

Mass ShiftersEdit

Like the Veiled Ones, the Sobek possess mass shifters that can allow objects to phase through other objects (unless the object is particularly dense). Mass shifters are often standard equipment for their ships and infantry units.

Energy Converter WeaponEdit

This weapon, also invented by the Veiled Ones, was adapted by the Sobek during the Julth War.


The Sobek are an ancient race; they achieved FTL travel at about the same time as the Veiled Ones. The two races coexisted for centuries before they cooperated with one another during the Julth War. The Sobek proved themselves to be valuble assets during the war; they won dozens of battles against the Julth. Unfortunately, after the Servant of the Veiled Ones was mutated into Hectocapitus, they fled the universe so as to avoid combat with the new Daemon Empire.

After they escaped from the Daemoniverse, many settled in the Empyrean universe. There are currently several trillion Sobek colony worlds in Empyrean.

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