Snapflies are semi aquatic reptillian predators native to Thanatos. They are as intelligent as Terran corvids.


At first, you might think that this creature was a Dunkleosteus with limbs. But this creature is more closely related to the daggerjaw than any fish from Thanatos. They have heads resembling those of the iconic placoderms, but the extensions of the jawbone are absent, replaced with huge, conical teeth. Snapflies also have "wings" sticking out of their bodies, hence the name. But these are actually keratinous structures used to kill prey, and snapflies can't fly. Their tail is fish like, with a cetacean like fluke. Snapflies are 95-112 feet long and weigh 23 tons.


Snapflies prey on every other inhabitant of the Great Thanatos Forest by ambush, but are themselves sometimes killed by daggerjaws and gigapteruses. This proves that Thanatos has no true apex predators.

Breeding and lifespanEdit

Snapflies are sexually mature at 10 years. Males court females by tossing algae at trees. The male who throws the highest wins the girl so to speak. Females give birth to live young, and the young take care of themselves. These beasts live for 110 years.

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