Slithers are small, aquatic arthropods native to the dying world of Rgorok.


Slithers are around 24 centimeters long, and are covered in a spiny exoskeleton. Their faces have no eyes, only a large pair of mandibles and a small mouth. On the top of their heads are three small tentacles used to sense the world around them, sensing for food. Their tails are long and rat-like, and each side of the torso has two small fins.


Slithers are detrivores, living on garbage, carrion and debris. They are themselves food for the many Gorkhan that populate the planet.


Although Rgorok is dying, slithers are still relatively common due to their aquatic nature and abundant food sources. It is believed that they will be the last multicellular lifeforms on the planet.

They are the largest non-Gorkhan animals remaining on Rgorok.

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