Slankklauw are carnivorous crustaceans native to the forests of Slijmbos. They live in small packs and are around 3 meters long.


Slankklauw have long, thin, plated bodies. They look a bit like lobsters, but they have 4 eyes and much larger mandibles. These mandibles are used for slicing flesh off of the bone. They are decapedal, having 10 legs. Each leg is around a third of a meter long, and ends in a sharp point, except for the first pair. This pair ends in large graspers, with 3 serrated digits.

Since their brain is so small, they have very little high-level thinking. However, their brain is much denser than a human's. The nerves stretch throughout the body, and have several important uses. One of the major uses is for pain sensing. These can easily detect changes in the environment and their surroundings.

Their eyes not very powerful, Slankklauw have developed powerful antennae that feel their way around. These are plated with light carbon scales, and have nerve endings at the ends.

The crustacean has a six chambered heart, like the Slijmklauw, having 3 atria and ventricles. This pumps at a rate of about 80 beats per minute, pumping blood around the body. Just after leaving the heart, blood enters the lungs, which there are three of, and is oxidized.


Carnivorous, Slankklauw eat meat. They can take down Gifshroef and prefer their meat, because it is easier to digest. However, they can also digest the crust of Slijmklauw and other creatures with tough hides.


Slijmklauw live in small packs of 3-7, where they have no alpha or an organized society. They share meat and have regulated rations, but other than that, they are free to roam.

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