Edge of the Viperius Galaxy

Planetary Class



Styracosaurus Rider

Skrap is a planet located near the edge of the Viperius Galaxy.


Skrap is a very barren planet, with little water. It is not very large, with an average radius somewhere around 3500-4000 miles.


Skrap is filled with lifeforms. Very few of them are native (such as the Rizzak), and those that are consist of pests (such as Fikfikten) and desert dwellers (such as Sand Snakes). Instead, it seems this world is the backwater planet of the system, with many sapient species (particularly Skarg) colonizing here with no intention of doing good. Criminals, gamblers, and drug dealers abound.

Very few with good intentions visit here, the main draw is the possibility of mining raak.


Almost all races from Viperius have come here, among these Skarg, Zyrothans, Salsenes, Xodu, and Detroni. There are also persistent rumors of a few Aians existing here, although these rumors have never been proven.

The rich will often employ mercenaries from the Iron Skulls.


Skrap is home to several bands of pirates and gangsters, most prominently Ultima.

In FictionEdit

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