Skogland is a planet in the Viperius Galaxy.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Location and PositionEdit

Skogland orbits it sun at a distance of about 70 million miles. This means it is much hotter than Earth, but not so hot that life could not evolve on it. Sapient and Non-Sapient species are native to it, but no sapient species have managed to set up a colony.


Skogland is a bit smaller than Earth, and its gravitational pull is smaller. This allows very large creatures to evolve, but smaller, lighter creatures have also managed to take advantage of the lower gravity. It is roughly 7,000 kilometres in diameter.



Skogland as it appeared before the cataclysm that destroyed it

Skogland used to orbit its sun at about 110 million miles away, until a great, unknown turbulence pulled it in closer. Since then it has become covered in tropical forests, with small seas managing to form across the planet. The seas are surrounded by large, grassy clearings, and are fresh water, the main drinking source for large creatures like Storapedes. These seas mostly evaporate when they are facing the sun.

Because of the event, all life forms on Skogland were wiped out, and we will never know what they were like. However, new creatures evolved, adapted to the hotter, more tropical climate, and they inherited the planet, until the universe threw another disaster into the mix.

Dead skogland

Skogland as seen from space after the cataclysm

This happened in the year 3,999,850. As a one-off occurrence, a Dimensional Rift appeared somewhere in the volcano range. The exact location it led to is unknown, but it was definitely the centre of a star, somewhere in the same universe. Skogland was incinerated instantly, and all life forms wiped out, all water vapourised. Everything took merely a few minutes.

However, by then, the two sapient species on Skogland both had off world colonies. In the case of the Arbotiles, and great number remained on Skogland, but a great number were also exploring. In the case of the Lentaa, most of the population had left, somehow foreseeing the disaster.


Practically all of Skogland was covered in tropical forest, with the exception of the seas, and a band of volcanoes thrust out of ground by the turbulence when Skogland was moved closer to its sun. As a result, every species on the planet had evolved to live in tropical climates. Only a few small fish lived in the seas, as the constant evaporations would have killed off any large sea creatures.


The planet itself is now dead, but sapient species survived by flying to other planets.


Skogland was too small to have natural satellites, and as the geography of the planet was unchanging apart from the volcano band, no sapient beings had ever deemed it useful to build artificial satellites.

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