Flying creature
Shriekers are medium-sized predators native to the planet Shellis. Like most Shellis fauna, they are reptiles.


Shriekers have the stance of a theropod dinosaur, but have large wings. They can have a winspan of up to 10 feet.



These animals regularly feed on smaller reptiles that fly above Shellis. Shriekers usually kill their prey by flying along below the prey for a while, and eventually swooping upwards and crushing the unfortunate animals in their jaws.


Once a year, the Shriekers will migrate to Shellious cities for the breeding season. Males will then attempt to attract mates by shrieking, hence the name, Shrieker. Females will do the same in order to tell males where they are.

After mating, Shriekers often take up residence on flat Shellious roofs, normally in the sky cities.

Status and ConservationEdit

Shrieker population is currently very high, and the species is not currently in any danger of becoming extinct.

In Shellious CultureEdit

Shellious normally allow these animals to live in their cities, as they will hunt pestilent reptiles. Some Shriekers have been domesticated.

In HeraldryEdit

The Shrieker is to this day sometimes used as a symbol of certain families.

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