Physiology and Biology Edit

Senses Edit

The Sharon have advanced senses and high intelligence, needed to survive on the planet Deserticus.

Vision Edit

Six eyes are spaced equidistantly around the extendable mouth. These are highly developed, and see in more colors than human eyes, like those of the Mantis Shrimp. They maintain six eyes to watch their feet and their prey simultaneously as they hunt, and to improve depth perception and general field of view.

Cooling System Edit

Sharons possess a powerful internal cooling system that works like a air conditioner device, preventing their brain from being damaged on the extremely hot Deserticus climate.

Life Cycle Edit

Birth Edit

The female delivers between one and two young per pregnancy, which are born through tears as the eggs migrate from the ovaries to the outer skin for hatching. The process leaves scars on the skin of the females, which take many years to be repaired. Birth can be fatal, as birth wounds left by the young can cause grievous damage.

Young Edit

The young are only about thirty centimeters tall after birth, and the females feed them using special plants and small warm-blooded animals.

Teenage Edit

Teenage Sharons learn new skills extremely fast. However, they will not take part in hunts or broader society as a whole until they are fully adult.

Adult and Reproduction Edit

When fully grown, after about 15 years, adult Sharons are divided strongly along sexual lines. Males, though larger and powerful, do not wield decision-making power. Females select males for their groups of about ten individuals through ritual competition. The males compete for the honor of living with a group of females through acts of intellect, physical appearance or combat depending on local custom. Selected males take care of females and can be quite tender with their harem, but would rarely cross a female and will defend his harem to death if needed. He mates with females as required, passing haploid genetic material into the female using a thin, spear like penis which protrudes from beneath his head; she receives this through a pore under her own. Mating can take from just a few seconds to almost a day, dependent on local custom and environmental conditions.

Lifespan Edit

Males live shorter lives than females, often dead in 60 years, with females living over 70 years even without medical geriatrics afforded by modern Sharon societies. It is worth noting that females have not shown to be more intelligent than males, but are rather directed in life by different hormones to develop different personalities.

Society Edit

Sharons have enough capacity to build highly advanced technology, but most of them have choose to stay at tribal life. The reasons of this may be the same of the Shamans, that is to protect their planet and society (since Sharons have a story full of combats).

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