An image of Shaorean. One of its few moons can be seen

Shaorean is a relatively large gas giant, which has 3 moons, Roauian, Uoroaen, and Daomhaen. It is located in the Noiyarna System.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

A gas giant, Shaorean has a large mass and a low density.


Shaorean's equatoreal diameter is around 160,000 kilometers, and its density is 1.2 g/cm^3. Its escape velocity caused slight problems with exploration by Laoine during early space exploration.


Shaorean is mainly made of helium, hydrogen, and other light gases. Further down, there is a liquid helium and hydrogen ocean, which leads down to a rocky core of chemical ices. Some of its gases are ideal for fuels used by many sapient species.

Moons and RingsEdit

Much of Shaorean's rings are made of fine silicate sand. Other sections have larger rocks, but only reaching the size of boulders at the largest. The moons formed out of much larger meteorites when the Noiyarna System was still a protoplanetary disk.


Shaorean has a orange-red hue, with several bands of the same spectrum, but darker. The most prominent of these is the mainly normal black band at the equator. The rings around it are separated into 5 different areas, fine pebbles, then a sea of sand, a gap, small rocks, then boulders. The overall color of the rings is brownish-beige.

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