A Servus soldier, before they were augmented with 4 arms.

The servus are a bipedal race. They were enslaved by the auctors and long forgotten the true name of thier species. It is also worthy that they have not become automatum.


Servus small bodies, but have high strength because of large amounts of muscle from birth, and their long servitude. They have four arms, allowing for multitasking. It seems that they have been genetically engineered because these developments would not have occoured on thier home planet. Servus have varying skin color, and the skin itself is scaly. They often wear gas masks and full body suits, giving them a haunting appearence to most species.


Many of the servus surrendered when the auctors came. Their cultre was fun loving, and centered around dancing and feasts. They believe in a plant god of life, who fights the fire god of destruction. Now most have lost teh will to live and many have stopped working and almost died. To solve this auctors would change these ones brains to have a euphoria response to work.


Luckily for this race there is a resistance of Servus, who call themselves the purgers. The purgers kill any auctors that happen to come near their base, ending in one auctor death, 20 for the purgers usualy. The purgers believe in a different culture entireley, and most are actually insane. It centers around sacrifice, killing and fighting.

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