Seff Tintel
Seff Tintel
is a Salsene criminal, gangster and pirate, and the founder of Ultima. He is the self-proclaimed "Hit Man of Viperius".


Seff is a short and stout Salsene colored yellow and a muddy green. He normally wears rich robes adorned with colorful raak. He is very rich, with over 200,000 credits in his possession. Not one of these credits was earned honestly.


Seff's main choice of weapon is a Firespitter looted from a previous ship boarding. He is also rumored to own many other unique weapons that are otherwise unknown (one rumor is that he owns rare Praefortis weaponry obtained from the black market). However, he also has multiple examples of nearly every mass-produced weapon in existence in his possession, and trades in and out weapons depending on his current activities into a secret storeroom, of which only he knows the location of.


Seff is one of the most devious of all Ultimans. He uses every strategy in the book to get what he wants and is ruthless with those he takes from.


Early YearsEdit

Seff has lived on Skrap most of his life. He was born to a resident gangster and a prostitute in Hoober's Gulch. Both his parents died soon afterwards in a shootout, and he went through his life as a child picking pockets and robbing unsuspecting buildings.

Ultima FoundingEdit

As time passed, Seff realized that there were many other criminals and gangsters who favored Hoober's Gulch, and they had often become partners in crime. To bring these pirates together, he founded Ultima.

Current ActivitiesEdit

Seff has led most of the major missions that Ultima embarks on, one major exception being the search for an Irihil ship. He was "out of town" at the time, but got his action shortly afterwards when he killed the Alpha Emperor of the Raptors.

In fictionEdit

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