The Second Titanic War
Part of The Titanic Wars
Date 4.000(.025) AM - Present
Location Across Obeidon
Result The destruction of Several galaxies and the arrival of Mykarians into another multiverse. Arawn Ascend to a higher form of being. The First becomes Dormant. Auctors become Astropastoralists.
Casus belli Lanrao Freedom
Arawn Reawakening
Lanrao and Arawn gain of several universes
The First
The Order
The Vision
The Assembly
High Marshal Rory
The Daa Emperor (detained)
The Laoine Chairman
The Vorian Council
The Rovian Shogun
The First
Nocturn (Executed)
Exa Phoros
Exa Misenos
Exa Kiphren
President Sayum'Daru
High Admiral of the Federation Yugar'Ohla
High General of the Federation Imata'Panu
God-Emperor Maeve
The Mykarian Emperor (captured)
The Assembly Council
1,760 Lanrao Deathrings
2 trillion Lanrao ships
376 billion Daa ships
13.2 trillion Daa Attack Craft
342 million Laoine ships
500 billion Laoine soldiers
1.3 billion Vorian ships
82 trillion Vorian soldiers
36 million Rovian ships
150 billion Rovian soldiers
40 million Jogorian ships
1.2 trillion Jogorian soldiers
300 billion Jogorian marines
The First
60 sextillion Cell Minds
120 sextillion Free Minds
12 Arawn Megaships
50 thousand Arawn ships
62 million Arawn soldiers
254 billion Mykarian ships
250 trillion Mykarian troops
31 billion Yuharon ships
27 trillion Yuharon soldiers
1.2 billion Assembly ships
10 trillion Assembly troops
All forces All forces except Maeve and the Emperor's personal fleet

The Second Titanic War is the most widespread war in The Titanic Wars, and also the most recent. The main combatants are the Lanrao and the Arawn.

Preliminary BattlesEdit

The war was officially counted as the Second Titanic War and not the Jaonu War directly after the reawakening of the Arawn. Upon their reawakening, the Arawn immediately declared war on the Lanrao and collaterally allied with the Mykarian side of the table.

The Arawn began a long battle with the Lanrao, destroying a Lanrao Deathring and several billion ships in the Battle of Sunset in the Polemos Galaxy. After the Arawn destroyed a large chunk of the Lanrao forces, Mykarian forces were immediately mobilized as well as those of the Daa. Their fleets met in intergalactic space, with several billions of ships on either side. This would be known as The Crusade.

As the war raged on, races, intergalactic and interuniversal, fell before the might of the Lanrao and Arawn in an attempt to create more forces. Even the mightiest fleets of Obeidon could not stop the unreleting tide of the two races. Only the mighty Daemons and Aoarus were known to be untouched by the two races, due to the Lanrao and Arawn knowledge of the origin of the Daemons from the Veiled Ones, and the knowledge of Aoarus superweapons. 

Leaders were whisked away one by one by the First in preparation for Maeve's trial, and soon a rebellion took place in the ranks of the Vorians. An aspiring military commander, Curu ana'Voricia, took control of the entire Vorian Empire, declaring himself Prince of the Vorians and Destroyer of the Laoine, and turning to the side of Maeve and the Mykarian Emperor along with their new vassals, the Rovians. 

However, after countless universes pillaged, even Emenata half-consumed, Maeve found his way to godhood along with his closest advisors. He became a boltzmann brain capable of destroying the entire Lanrao race without a thought, and soon faced the Mykarian Emperor. He offered him godhood as well in return for absolute obedience, giving him powers beyond mortal imagination. However, the First contacted Maeve and destroyed a large portion of Emenata, trapping himself and Maeve into a microverse without any exits along with Castus, just after the Mykarian Emperor managed to warp himself and his small escort fleet of Mykarians, Auctors, and Vorians to another multiverse all together after also becoming a Boltzmann.

Although the rest of Obeidon survived, the newly Nomadic Auctors wreak havoc across the species weakened by the war, and Hydran threaten the remaining Jogorians. In addition, several universes are beginning to merge for unknown reasons.

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