Seamaulers are largely unknown animals which live in the seas of Unda. They are very mysterious, and very little is known about them.


Seamaulers are the size of an orca, and have a similar bulk. Their bodies are thick and robust, useful for hunting unlucky sapients who dare to enter it's territory. They have a long tail, ending with a large fluke. Their color varies, since they have the ability to change said color at will.

Their faces have 10 eyes, each with millions of tiny lenses. At the back of the head is a pair of antennae, presumably for sensing vibrations in the water. The creatures have a long, thick snout, filled with 4 rows of backwards-facing serrated teeth. Even their long 'tongue' is covered with teeth. The teeth in the jaws can be as long as 20 centimeters, while the teeth on the tongue are 'only' 3 centimeters long. The jaws are designed to tear and rip flesh, biting off one large chunk at a time until the creature is full.

Seamaulers have 5 dorsal fins on their backs. Each fin is 1 meter tall, 75 centimeters tall, 60 centimeters tall, 30 centimeters tall and 25 centimeters tall respectively. There are no pectoral fins or flippers, these being replaced by millions of tiny fibers used for swimming. These resemble the bristles found on a toothbrush.


Seamaulers feed on various creatures which live in the oceans of Unda. They have no predators themselves, and are considered among the largest animals on the planet.


Seamaulers are extremely intelligent, though not sapient. Their intelligence can be compared to that of a Terran chimpanzee, if not a small child.

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