The Scourge are a race of cybernetic creatures native to the Obscura Galaxy, on the moon of Romera. They were once called the Telgar.



The Telgar were mammal-like reptiles, somewhat resembling apes. However, they had spiny back crests that served to warm their bodies. They were typically light brown in color, with flat faces and four eyes.


Unfortunately, all modern Telgar have become infected with the Granik Nanoplague, forming the Scourge. These nanoparticles replace around 75% of the body tissue with mechanical parts. Only the head, hands, and a few other parts are unaffected.


Infection occurs when a non-infected individual is bitten by an Infected individual. The infected are equipped with fangs capable of spreading the nanobot.

Other methods of infection include direct injection and fluid exposure.


The brain is completely shut down by the infection process. The nanobots then reanimate the organ, replacing the once complex mind with a simple mind driven only by the need to eat and spread the nanobots.

Thus, the Scourge simply wander about aimlessly, searching for non-infected beings. When infected, they will transmit a simple radio signal, alerting all other Infected individuals to the new prey.


The Granik Nanoplague was caused by a failed experiment from Telgar scientists. The scientists were searching for a way to end death and violence on their world, but instead inadvertantly caused the end of their civilization.


The Telgar had built a fully automatic system of inter-stellar transports, which were used by the Scourge to transport themselves across over a hundred different planets.

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