Scorpion Assault Ship


Scorpion Assault Ships (or, SASes) are small, fighter-class ships used by the Salsenes, Zyrothans, and a few other races. They are often deployed against ground troops, and other fighter ships.


SASes are designed with three tail fins; two on the bottom of the ship, and one on the top. These tails can rotate, and change the direction of the ship.

The ship is armed with high caliber semi-automatic kinetic weaponry, which rains down a fiery hail of inch-thick projectiles upon enemies. Sustained fire can destroy bunkers, tanks, and sometimes even small starships.

SASEs are incapable of FTL travel, and must be carried from planet to planet by cargo ships.


SASes were invented and tested in the Deserta Vasta of Ishtar. They were not used in combat until the Xenopteran War, when they were proven to be highly efficient in battle. Since they were unleashed, other races, such as the Zyrothans, have been using them in their own wars.

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