Scauniae is a planet in the Stavia Galaxy, home to the Ikroden.



Planetary InformationEdit

Atmospheric CompositionEdit

The Scaunian atmosphere contains a high amount of nitrogen and oxygen, with some argon and carbon dioxide. The compositions are:

  • Nitrogen: 74.2%
  • Oxygen: 20.5%
  • Carbon Dioxide: 3.2%
  • Argon: 1.0%
  • Trace gases: 1.1%

Geologic PropertiesEdit

Scaunae's geologic properties are not far off from that of Earth.

  • Diameter at Equator: 0.97 Earth Radii
  • ===Gravity: 0.97 ===
  • Density: 5.49 G/cc
  • Distance From Star: 0.781 AU
  • Eccentricity: 0.55
  • Surface Water Composition: 73%



The most developed continent, it is covered mostly by temperate forest and farmland, and major urban centers are scattered across the land. Its population is 4.5 billion, and is dominated entirely by the Republic of Chaetra.

Major FeaturesEdit

The Tyire Peninsula is a famous pilgramage point for followers of the Chaen religion. It is here where the final stand against steppe invaders was made by Emperor Nytra of the Haesan Empire.

The Haes River Delta and Valley contain the most fertile land on the planet.


The second most developed continent,  and the most densely populated. It is home to 3 superpower nations, Iontia, Cyealdon and Reanland, as well as dozens of minor nations. It is connected to Cearapa by land.


The continent where the Ikroden originated. It varies in developmental level and is resource deprived. 

Unique FeaturesEdit

Scauniae has many varying climates. It's northeastern, temperate zone is mostly covered in a combination between a steppe and a desert, called a steppe-desert. Due to buildup of warm water on the coastline of this temperate zone, there is a change in airflow and currents every 150-200 years, carrying the warm water away and lowering the sea level, causing desertification across the steppes.

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