Yavin 4

Scarab as seen from space.

Scarab is a warm, tropical world in the Viperius Galaxy. It's surface is covered in rainforests, with only a couple of deserts. There is also a large ocean on one side of the planet.


The air is mainly oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. There is also a great deal of argon. The plants ensure that a huge ammount of oxygen is in the atmosphere at all times.

Natural ResourcesEdit

Scarab is rich in silver, copper, and a petroleum-like substance.


Scarab is home to a large number of plants and animals. The animals are mainly of an insectoid nature, because of the large amount of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Xenopterans come from Scarab, and are the dominant sapient race on the planet. There is also a race of tribal, scorpion-like beings called Buthida.

Other notable species include:


Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Veiled Ones had a research base on this world. The ancestors of modern Scarabians were small pests that boarded their ships and hitchhiked along with them. However, later on, the Julth War begun, and a powerful bomb was detonated, killing all of the Veiled Ones. The ancestors of modern Scarabians were for the most part killed, but some recieved just enough radiation to mutate, and grow larger.

Eventually, some of these evolved sapience, and became the Xenopterans. The Xenopterans were violent, and waged war against one another for most of their history. But in recent years, all hives were united by conquest, forming one huge hive.

Shortly afterwards, the Xenopterans attacked a Salsene ship that was in orbit around their planet, starting the Xenopteran War.

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