Saren Sharks are a fish-like animal inhabiting the waters of Unda. They are notable for their exoskeleton and fearsome appearance. It has been proposed that they aren't from Unda, since there are no recorded fossils of Saren ancestors.


A scientist named Jahn Saren first named this species when he was exploring Undan waters.

Distribution and HabitatEdit

The Saren Shark has been spotted near or below the continental shelf on Unda. Due to the vast majority of the planet's waters being unexplored, it is virtually impossible to find out how much there are. Saren Sharks have been spotted nearly everywhere in the oceans.

They tend to make their habitats in large caves, though trenches also make good habitats for them.

It is rare that an adult Saren Shark would be spotted near coastal waters, though their young tend to wander off into the intertidal regions.

Anatomy and AppearanceEdit

The Saren Shark on average is about 10-20 feet long. They have plates covering their bodies and their teeth are very sharp. Under the plates is an intricate muscular system that has been confirmed to be used not only in water movement, but also moving their plates. Their nervous system is highly active, as is their scent. Their eyesight is very lacking however. Their eyes are underdeveloped and small.

Saren Sharks have photospores lined across their bodies, though they are usually inactive until they reach a mature age, which is rare.


These sharks are highly aggressive and tend to bite without thinking. The young like to fight, but some older sharks fight over food. Some Saren Sharks have been found with teeth marks on various places around their bodies. As they get older, however, the aggressive attitude stops and they tend to be more inquisitive. Their photospores begin to light up and they search for food and potential mates.

Mating tends to occur in secluded areas, and the two search for meals like a celebration afterwards. When it comes time to lay its eggs, the female may search for a small, secluded cave to lay them in. If that's not available, the Saren Shark may search above the continental shelf for one. Sometimes, reefs are cleared of of inhabitants before the Saren Shark lays its eggs there.

Saren Sharks will eat any sort of meat it can find, save for each other.

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