Sand snake
Sand Snakes are subterranean organisms native to Skrap.


Sand Snakes are long, wormy creatures with two atrophied legs, reaching lengths of 75 feet. They live under the sands of the desert. They are blind, and sense prey by sound and vibration. Their toothy mouth is a seperate bone entirely from the rest of the skull, and is able to rotate at speed.

Despite their name, Sand Snakes are actually an odd form of amphibian.


Sand Snakes are carnivores, and eat any animal they can sense.


Sand Snakes are pack hunters, and have a unique rotating hunting schedule. In the daytime, half the pack will sleep, while the other half hunts. At night, the groups switch their roles. All the while, the hunting groups collect morsels of food to bring back to the lairs, so each animal will get a little bit of energy before setting off.

Their exact intelligence is unknown.

In FictionEdit

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